Dr Chadden Hunter


Having produced & filmed some of the world’s most famous wildlife and environmental series; Planet Earth 1 & 2, Wild Arabia, Frozen Planet and Seven Worlds One Planet which, combined, have won over 20 Emmys and Baftas, this is a keynote not to be missed.

Dr Hunter is not just known for his role in the development of the Planet Earth series with Sir David Attenborough, but prior to working with the Discovery Channel also completed a PhD on primate behaviour, where he had to dodge armed bandits and survived brain parasites while studying gelada baboons in the highlands of Ethiopia. He also spent 3 years in the Arctic and Antarctic directing the Frozen Planet series where he learnt that minus 40C was cold enough to freeze his eyes shut, and became known as ‘the guy covered in bat poop’ for his starring role in Behind the Scenes of Planet Earth.

Most importantly Dr Hunter is a producer, director and visual storyteller and uses compelling footage and imagery to create key messages to large and diverse audiences using mainstream platforms.

Dr Hunter’s presentation will mix spectacular visual adventure with hilarious anecdotes, and look at whether the major Attenborough series can help the environment and drive behaviour change.