Dr Andy Sheppard

Chief Research Scientist, CSIRO

Chief Research Scientist in CSIRO having joined the organisation in 1986 based in France. Based in Australia working on biosecurity and invasive species management.

Since 2006 has been a CSIRO Research leader of three different programs on plant, animal and environmental biosecurity and terrestrial biodiversity management. He was Research Director in the CSIRO Health & Biosecurity business unit from 2015-2021.

Current primary role is a secondment into the Commonwealth Department Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry as Co-Executive Director of DAFF-CSIRO Catalysing Australia’s Biosecurity Initiative after instigating this partnership across both agencies. This $50-$100M Mission is due to launch in mid-2023.

He serves on a number of boards/advisory committees for the Federal Government National Biosecurity Committee and the CSIRO Centre of Australian National Biodiversity Research.

Is the non-residential Director of CSIRO’s European Laboratory in Montpellier since 2002.

Also has a portfolio of research projects in weed and pest and invasive species management based on Australia, South Africa and France

He was elected to the Australian Academy of Technology & Engineering in 2019 and International Fellow of the Académie d’Agriculture de France in 2020.