Julia Martin

General Manager of Operational Excellence and Health, Environment and Safety, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd

Julia Martin is General Manager of Operational Excellence and Health, Environment and Safety with Chevron Australia Pty Ltd, based in Perth, Western Australia. Chevron Australia is a global natural gas supplier, and operator of oil production and LNG, condensate and domestic gas assets on Barrow Island (a Western Australian A-Class Nature Reserve). Part of Chevron’s commitment to protect Barrow Island’s unique environment includes a comprehensive marine and terrestrial quarantine management system – the world’s largest non-government biosecurity initiative, which has been recognised locally and globally as “best practice”.

Julia has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science (Hons) in Earth Sciences from the University of Waikato, New Zealand; a Master of Environmental Law from The University of Sydney; and a Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management from The Australian National University.

Her diverse 33+ year career in the mining and oil and gas resources sectors, includes roles as a research scientist, environmental and business risk management consultant, and HES leadership positions. Most recently (2015-2018), Julia was based in Chevron’s corporate headquarters in San Ramon, California, where she held the positions of General Manager, Health, Environment and Safety (HES) Technology (research and development and technical services) for Chevron’s Energy Technology Company, and General Manager for Environment and Climate Change for Chevron’s corporate function.  In those roles she managed a department of scientists and engineers who provide advanced HES technical expertise and HES research and technology globally to all of Chevron’s operations. She was also responsible for leading development of Chevron’s enterprise-wide environmental strategies.