6. Sarah Corcoran

CEO (PHA), Plant Health Australia

Appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Plant Health Australia in July 2020, Sarah’s experience as a biosecurity professional extends across the Australian Government, as well as the Queensland and Northern Territory state governments where she has gained a wealth of expertise in biosecurity, regulation, science and innovation. She has delivered a number of significant eradication programs for agricultural and environmental pests under deed-like arrangements as well as the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed and the National Environmental Biosecurity Response Agreement. She has overseen biosecurity research and investment in infrastructure across sectors, including disease detection, management and response – all of which have offered her the ability to implement consistent approaches to biosecurity nationally.

Sarah has held a number of roles on various national committees and currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis and is an observer (and former member) of the National Biosecurity Committee.

Sarah’s 20 plus years in biosecurity has included simultaneous experience as an Army Reserve Scientific Officer, actively supporting the health and wellbeing of the Australian Defence Force through research and operational activities.

In a rapidly changing world, Sarah enjoys the challenges and rewards from protecting plant health and keeping industries viable by working with government, industry and community to enhance the reputation of Australia as leaders of best practice in biosecurity.