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The symposium tagline – Innovative, Immersive, Inclusive – encompasses our three main themes, of which sub themes have been created to facilitate abstract marking and organise session planning.

We want abstracts and presentations to exchange and share knowledge and ideas across the biosecurity collective – agriculture (animals and plants), wildlife, aquatics, humans and the environment. The Symposium provides the ideal platform to explore how to transform Australia’s biosecurity systems to better protect our economy, environment and way of life.

Key dates

Abstract submissions are now closed!

Abstracts under review by program advisory committee: April 2024

Notification to Abstract authors on review outcome by: Friday 10th May 2024

Author acceptance required: Friday May 17th 2024

Speaker registration due: Friday May 31st 2024

Please note

Dates provided may be subject to change based on abstract submission extensions.

The invitation to submit an abstract does not constitute an offer to pay travel, accommodation or registration costs associated with the Symposium. All presenters/speaker will be able to register at the discounted speaker rate.

Before submitting your abstract

  • Get acquainted with the conference themes and presentation formats outlined below.
  • Have your 500-word abstract ready and saved in an easily accessible location. Abstracts submissions will be completed via a text box only, so ensure your content is prepared for a simple ‘copy and paste’ into the submission portal.
  • Create an account in the abstract portal, and follow the instructions to submit your abstract.
  • Abstracts can be saved as DRAFT, but must be finalised in order to be assessed for inclusion in the program.
  • The same account may be used to submit multiple abstract submissions.

Tips for a successful proposal

  • Provide a clear description of how the session will be presented, outlining not just the content but also the format.
  • Showcase innovative, and thought-provoking aspects to be presented within the session.
  • The format encourages discussion and active participation amongst delegates
  • Ensure your speakers are engaging, informative, and confident.
  • View previous proceedings here.

For all queries, please contact the Conference Manager at

Submission guidelines

  • Online submission is the only method of abstract submission.
  • Submissions can be saved as Draft in the abstract portal but must be finalised to be considered.
  • Abstracts will only be accepted as 500-word or less.
  • Presentation title to be 15 words or less.
  • Abstracts submitted for presentation will be published exactly as received; therefore, authors are encouraged to thoroughly review their submissions for spelling and grammar accuracy before the final submission.
  • You may submit more than one abstract all under the same account.
  • For the most accurate guidance on abstract submissions, please refer to the example abstract submission provided. It serves as the best reference for formatting and content requirements.
  • It is the responsibility of the presenter/author to ensure that the abstract is submitted correctly. For assistance with submissions, contact
  • Where there is more than one presenter all correspondence will be sent to the person who submitted the abstract.
  • While we will make every effort to accommodate presenter/author presentation preferences, please note that the Program Advisory Committee reserves the right to allocate presentations in a manner that best suits the overall program.
  • The invitation to submit an abstract does not constitute an offer to pay travel, accommodation or registration costs associated with the Conference. Similarly, no presenter fee is paid to successful presenters.
  • The Symposium Program Advisory Committee will have the final say on all abstracts submitted.

Symposium themes

Innovative thinking required to problem solve and develop solutions that will strengthen and transform the biosecurity system to ensure it maintains its stance as ‘fit-for-purpose’.

Suggested session themes and topics:

  1. New research enhancing the system.
  2. New ways of thinking and undertaking biosecurity activities.
  3. Data-driven decision-making and risk mitigation.
  4. New digital/robotic technologies.
  5. New environmental / biological technologies.
  6. New genetic technologies to enhance biosecurity practices.
  7. Integrated surveillance systems, both active and general surveillance.
  8. Enhanced diagnostics and surveillance programs to support biosecurity activities.

Unique experiences, activities, campaigns and programs that have helped transform awareness, education and thinking to make Australia’s biosecurity system for the better.

Suggested session themes and topics:

  1. Upskilling workforces and communities.
  2. Community led transformational programs tackling biosecurity problems.
  3. Education and awareness campaigns.
  4. Digital campaigns, activities and programs.
  5. Enhancing biosecurity practices to ensure market access and trade is maintained.

Non-traditional and traditional partnerships that are helping to cement Australia’s biosecurity system with a focus on including all aspects of our cultural landscape, with a specific focus on indigenous Australians, youth, minority and linguistically diverse groups.

Suggested session themes and topics:

  1. Enhancing shared culture and promoting responsibility.
  2. Strong partnerships at a local, regional, national or international level.
  3. New unique partnerships and programs focused on bringing in new audiences or re-engaging existing audiences.
  4. Learnings from other sectors (established pests and weeds), emergency management, fires, floods, health sector and community.
  5. Lessons learnt from previous outbreaks or exercise programs.

Presentation types

Each abstract will fall under one of the four categories below:

A full-session presentation can involve a panel of speakers engaging in debates or discussions centered around a topic relevant to the symposium. Alternatively, it could consist of a workshop, an educational session, or a series of related presentations. Each full session is allotted 60 minutes, and proposals must be thorough, as there will be limited spots available.

This format includes a spoken presentation on a topic covering aims, methods, relevance to biosecurity, results and conclusions. Allocated presentation time is 12 minutes, with a maximum of 3 minutes for discussion. Total time 15 minutes.

This format includes a brief short-spoken presentation to present on an idea underway, a new approach, campaign or activity. These spitfire presentations are given one slide and 7 minutes maximum of speaking time, with 3 minutes of questions.

This includes a visual and interactive display of your work as per your abstract. Posters will be on display throughout the conference centre for the entire duration of the Symposium. Posters must adhere to the A1 format for presentation.

Abstracts will be rated on a weighting scale from 1 to 4 (1 being does not meet a symposium theme and 4 being excellent and meets all requirements).

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