About the Symposium

The symposium is a flagship event of the Biosecurity Collective – a shared initiative consisting of Animal Health Australia (AHA), Invasive Species Council (ISC), Centre for Invasive Species Solutions (CISS) and Plant Health Australia (PHA) intended to influence the direction of Australia’s biosecurity system towards 2030, particularly in engaging all Australians in building a stronger biosecurity system and building a mass biosecurity movement.

Our Team

Animal Health Australia 

Animal Health Australia is a not-for-profit public company that facilitates innovative partnerships between governments, major livestock industries and other stakeholders to protect animal health and the sustainability of Australia’s livestock industry.

Invasive Species Council

Invasive Species Council is an independent organisation formed in 2002 to keep the Australian environment safe from invasive plants, animals and diseases. It seeks to do this by catalysing strong, collaborative biosecurity.

Centre for Invasive Species Solutions

The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions is a national collaborative research, development and extension organisation, formed to tackle the ongoing threat from invasive species. They bring together government, industry and research partners to develop coordinated and collaborative RD&E portfolios and  innovation pipelines that meet national invasive species challenges.

Plant Health Australia 

Plant Health Australia is the national coordinator of the government-industry partnership for plant biosecurity in Australia. PHA works to minimise pest impacts on Australia, enhance market access and contribute to industry and community sustainability.

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