Keynote presentations

Julia Martin, General Manager of Operational Excellence, Health, Environment and Safety, Chevron Australia

Barrow Island and beyond – industry-led biosecurity innovation in pursuit of excellence
An overview of Chevron’s systematic risk-based approach to biosecurity management, with particular
reference to innovative practices applied to the company’s operations on Barrow Island (Australia) and in the Caspian Sea

Professor Don Hine, Professor of Psychology, University of New England

The role of behaviour change in managing Australia’s biosecurity challenges
Discusses how behavioural sciences can be applied to change behaviour and empower landholders to meet their
biosecurity obligations.

Malcolm Letts, Chief Biosecurity Officer, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Lyn O’Connell, Deputy Secretary, Department of Agriculture
Roger Smith, Head of Biosecurity New Zealand, Biosecurity New Zealand

The current state of play
Panellists discussed the current state of biosecurity in Aus and NZ and how the two nations will mitigate risks over the next 3-5 years.

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